Table 3.

Regions of the cingulum bundle included in the BNM (Bubb et al., 2018)

Left frontal poleRight frontal pole
Left rostral middle frontalRight rostral middle frontal
Left caudal middle frontalRight caudal middle frontal
Left superior frontalRight superior frontal
Left lateral orbitofrontalRight lateral orbitofrontal
Left medial orbitofrontalRight medial orbitofrontal
Left insula; IVRight insula; IV
Left caudal anterior cingulateRight caudal anterior cingulate
Left rostral anterior cingulateRight rostral anterior cingulate
Left posterior cingulate; IVRight posterior cingulate; IV
Left isthmus cingulateRight isthmus cingulate
Left superior parietalRight superior parietal
Left inferior parietalIVRight inferior parietal
Left precuneusRight precuneus
Left inferior temporalIVRight inferior temporalIV
Left parahippocampalIIIRight parahippocampalIII
Left hippocampusIIRight hippocampusII
Left thalamusRight thalamus
Left amygdalaIIIRight amygdalaIII
Left entorhinal cortextau I;Right entorhinal cortextau I;
  • Notes. and tau superscripts denote the regions used as seeding (Braak and Braak, 1991; Palmqvist et al., 2017). I, II, III, and IV superscripts denote the regions included in the Braak stages (Therriault et al., 2022).