Table 1.

JR-BNM parameters used in simulations

He3.25mVAverage excitatory synaptic gain
Hi22mVAverage inhibitory synaptic gain
τe10msTime constant of excitatory PSP
τi20msTime constant of inhibitory PSP
Cpe135Average synaptic contacts: pyramidals to excitatory interneurons
Cep108Average synaptic contacts: excitatory interneurons to pyramidals
Cpi33.75Average synaptic contacts: pyramidals to inhibitory interneurons
Cip33.75Average synaptic contacts: inhibitory interneurons to pyramidals
e00.0025ms−1Half the maximum firing rate
r0.56mV−1Slope of the presynaptic function at v0
v06mVPotential when half the maximum firing rate is achieved
p0.1085ms−1Mean of random Gaussian intrinsic noisy input
σ0.022ms−1Standard deviation of random Gaussian intrinsic noisy input
g25Coupling factor for interregional communication
s20m/sConduction speed for interregional communication