Table 3.

Main effect of Loss outcome

No loss > loss

ES = [(positive + neutral)No loss – (positive + neutral)Loss]

Bilateral striatum−6043,93615.230.35
Medial frontal cortex (vmPFC)06242,38531.570.24
R. cerebellum (lateral zone)48−72−422,15840.870.29
R. middle/inferior temporal gyrus60−56−161,17114.470.20
R. inferior occipital gyrus26−98−1286319.520.29
L. middle temporal gyrus−64−54−879113.580.19
L. inferior occipital gyrus−6−98−1876313.310.32
L. middle/inferior frontal gyrus−50401869315.050.15
L. cerebellum (lateral zone)−42−74−4865816.670.21
R. posterior cingulate cortex/precuneus0−463845914.060.13
R. anterior orbital gyrus4040−2039416.500.19
Cerebellum (vermis)−2−42−3635414.160.17
L. precentral gyrus, inferior precentral sulcus−5484222315.030.19
R. superior frontal gyrus (lateral part), accessory superior frontal sulcus26305220422.080.09
Midcingulate cortex0−82815515.530.12
L. cerebellum (posterior lobe)−20−86−4614413.310.22
L. lateral posterior Orbital gyrus, sulcus−2036−2213313.330.14
L. inferior frontal gyrus−60122212916.330.12
L. superior frontal gyrus, paracingulate0304212014.050.13
L. angular gyrus−50−704210613.290.16
L. cerebellum (anterior lobe)−10−84−2410514.400.13
Cerebellum (posterior lobe, vermis)4−58−2210017.580.09
L. superior temporal gyrus−68−28149014.480.18
L. paracentral lobule−2−24588314.280.10
L. superior frontal gyrus, accessory superior frontal sulcus−2232568014.660.12
L. cerebellum (anterior lobule)−10−36−167513.130.11
R. cerebellum (anterior lobule)18−28−286913.480.11
Cerebellum (central lobule)−4−44−86120.100.09
L. striate cortex−2−102126013.410.19
L. supramarginal gyrus/superior parietal lobule−34−44385718.340.08
L. middle temporal gyrus, superior temporal sulcus−58−3804613.770.08
R. paracentral lobule4−28584014.260.10
L. precentral gyrus−10−30663927.560.08
L. lateral caudate−18−6263821.480.18

Loss > no loss

ES = [(positive + neutral)Loss–(positive + neutral)No Loss]

No clusters found.
  • The following clusters survived multiple-comparison correction in univariate voxel-wise analysis at the outcome phase [peak MNI coordinates, cluster size (k), F(1,34) values, and unstandardized effect size in terms of % signal change (ES)].