Table 3.

Predefined hyperpriors for parameter estimation for all parameters

SV parameterMu range (uniform)SD range (uniform)Starting point (Mu, SD)
K (normal)[E−10 |E−2][10−2|3]E−2.5 |1
Heuristic models
βxA [−1,1](0,1]0.5|0.5
βxR [−1,1](0,1]0.5|0.5
βtA [−1,1](0,1]0.5|0.5
βtR [−1,1](0,1]0.5|0.5
βxt [−1,1](0,1]0.5|0.5
scaling1 [−1,1](0,1]0.5|0.5
scaling2 [−1,1](0,1]0.5|0.5
scaling3 [−1,1](0,1]0.5|0.5
  • All parameters were normally distributed. Their mean (Mu) and standard deviation (SD) were uniformly distributed. Listed are the ranges of uniform distributions. Following standard range notation, round brackets indicate that the distribution does not include the given value and squared brackets indicate that the value is within the range, for example, [0, 1] would indicate a normal distribution with values larger than 0 that can include 1.