Table 1.

Cytoarchitectonically mapped regions of the motor network and the corresponding Broadman area in the Julich Brain Atlas

Anatomical networks/regionsRegionDefinition Julich Brain areas
Primary regions
Primary motor4a, 4p
Primary sensory (S1)1, 2, 3a, 3b
Primary visualHOc1
Dorso-dorsal network
Dorsal premotor cortex6d1, 6d2, 6d3
Superior parietal lobe5ci, 5l, 5m 7a, 7m, 7p, 7pc
Common network
Angular gyrusPGa, PGp
Lateral occipital cortex/extra-striate body areaV5
Supramarginal gyrusSMGPFcm, PFm, PFop, PFt
Supplementary motor areaSMA6mc, 6mr
  • Additionally regions were categorized based on the spatial placement in the motor networks.