Table 5.

Results of the planned post hoc comparison in regions with a significant group effect (see Table 4)

RegionDAD versusHC/MCIMean difference (SE)SignificanceConfidence level
Lower boundUpper bound
 SMADADHC0.204 (0.067)0.0310.0690.338
 SMADADMCI0.128 (0.055)0.0210.0190.237
Angular gyrus
 AGDADHC0.340 (0.139)0.0150.0640.617
 AGDADMCI0.280 (0.113)0.0160.0550.505
 SPLDADHC0.185 (0.078)0.0210.0280.340
 SPLDADMCI0.164 (0.064)0.0120.0370.290
 DPMCDADHC0.224 (0.085)0.0100.0550.393
 DPMCDADMCI0.155 (0.069)0.0270.0170.290
  • HC, healthy controls; MCI, mild cognitive impairment; DAD, dementia of the Alzheimer's disease type; SE, standard error; SMA, supplementary motor area; SMG, supramarginal gyrus; SPL, superior parietal lobe; DPMC, dorsal premotor cortex. Bold numbers denote significant effects (p < .05).