Table 4

Results of one-sample t test on NC increment

CH combinationt-ValuesaRegion
CH1–CH53.74*5.55***3.28*Left FPC-left DLPFC
CH24–CH253.50*4.98**4.03*Right fusiform-rMOG
CH32–CH363.91*7.93***6.39***Right AG-rMOG
CH35–CH384.00*3.59*4.36**Right AG-right SMG
CH38–CH394.18*6.02***5.23***Right SMG-right AG
CH39–CH425.60***4.80**3.65*Right AG-right SMG
CH41–CH444.23*3.22*4.01*Right POG-right PRG
CH44–CH457.19***5.81***5.76***Right PRG-rPOG
  • The post hoc tests were Bonferroni corrected. PRG, Precentral gyrus.

  • aOnly CH combinations that were significantly different from baseline in all tasks are listed.

  • *p <0.05; **p <0.01; ***p <0.001.