Table 3

Results of one-sample t test on β increment

23.42**4.16***3.24*Left FPC
35.72***5.91***4.67***Right FPC
44.48***6.84***3.51**Right FPC
92.90*3.10*2.38*Right MFG
16−2.65*−2.60*−2.75*Right DLPFC
23−3.06*−3.91**−4.23**Right MTG
27−5.59***−3.11*−3.61**Right STG
30−3.66**−4.11**−3.80*Right POG
34−3.46**−4.27**−3.31**Right SMG
395.19***5.00***5.56***Right AG
435.70***5.73***5.63***Right precuneus
463.58**3.95**4.14**Right precuneus
  • Post hoc tests were Bonferroni corrected. MFG, Middle frontal gyrus; MTG, middle temporal gyrus; STG, superior temporal gyrus.

  • *p <0.05; **p <0.01; ***p <0.001.

  • aOnly channels that were significantly different from baseline in all tasks are listed.