Table 1

Activation clusters (cluster size, >100 voxels) of the mean across the three different stimulus types (Press, Flutt, Vibro) for the different contrasts computed in the univariate fMRI data analysis

Anatomical region (peak)Cluster sizeMNI coordinates (peak)t Score (peak)z Score (peak)
Contrast Stimulation > Null (whole-brain FWE corrected, p < 0.05)
 R S2711754−162009.81Inf
 Extending to R S154−204816.78Inf
 L S23495−62−282213.54Inf
 L IPL208−44−46567.767.13
 L cerebellum106−48−54−207.146.64
 L cerebellum207−14−72−469.45Inf
 R inferior temporal15754−5808.687.83
Contrast Imagery > Null (whole-brain FWE corrected, p < 0.05)
 R IFG33505412013.93Inf
 L IFG2633−4614−412.10Inf
 L IPS1477−34−484411.63Inf
 L middle FG1402−4430269.77Inf
 L cerebellum893−40−64−2411.18Inf
 R cerebellum85740−54−269.00Inf
 L precuneus759−6−72468.677.83
 R middle FG6744050248.227.75
 R BA 245144−42588.007.33
 R cerebellum22436−62−508.83Inf
 L IPL172−66−28286.396.02
Conjunction Stimulation > Null and Imagery > Null (FWE cluster-corrected, p < 0.05)
 R insula9626010−26.105.78
 L IPL817−44−46565.685.41
 R BA263444−40606.065.74
 L temporal pole476−58626.446.07
 L cerebellum207−48−54−205.355.13
  • R, Right hemisphere; L, left hemisphere; FG, frontal gyrus, Inf, infinite.