Table 1

Demographics of cases used in study

Case IDAgeSexBrain diagnosisSourceCause of deathBBID
Fetal 10FNoneNIHPrematurity4510
Fetal 20FNoneNIHPrematurity1756
Fetal 30MNoneNIHPrematurity1085
Fetal 40MNoneNIHPrematurity4711
Adult 166FNoneUniversity of IowaInterstitial lung diseaseP0002
Adult 258MNoneUniversity of IowaCardiovascular diseaseP0005
Adult 360FNoneUniversity of IowaOverdoseP0006
AD 159MADUniversity of Iowac/o ADP0036
AD 265MADUniversity of Iowac/o ADP0053
AD 367FADUniversity of Iowac/o ADP0062