Table 1

List of patient demographics, pathology, and neuropsychological evaluation

SubjectAgeSexEpilepsy diagnosisWAIS-IVWMS-R
Sub 130–40MRTLE1168698849566
Sub 220–30MLTLE10010798559073
Sub 360–70MRTLE114941129210377
Sub 450–60MLTLE728478727056
Average39.7 (17.3)--101 (17.6)93 (9.0)97 (12.1)76 (13.9)90 (12.2)68 (8.0)
  • Intelligence was measured with the Korean Wechsler Memory Scale (K-WMS) and memory with the Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS). RTLE, right temporal lobe epilepsy; LTLE, left temporal lobe epilepsy; VCI, verbal comprehension index; PRI, perceptual reasoning index; WMI, working memory index; PSI, processing speed index; FSIQ, full scale IQ; MQ, memory quotient.