Table 5

Results of paired two-tailed t tests for the comparisons between amplitude differences (|P1-N2|, |P2-N2|) and between latencies (P2) for data recorded on the F cluster electrodes

Self-motion onset: F cluster
Amplitude differencesLatencies
Passivet(14) = −3.74 p = 0.002Not significantt(14) = −3.94 p = 0.001t(14) = 3.21 p = 0.006t(14) = −4.4 p < 0.001
Active-Not significant-Not significantt(14) = −3.5 p = 0.004
  • Amplitude differences |P1-N2| and |P2-N2| were significantly larger in the passive as compared with the active condition and for |P2-N2| also larger compared with the replay condition. In addition, the P2 component had shorter latencies in the active and passive condition compared with the replay condition.