Table 8

Results of paired two-tailed t tests for the comparisons between amplitude differences (|P1-N2|, |P2-N2|) and between latencies (N2)

Self-motion onset: O cluster
Passivet(14) = −5.27 p < 0.001t(14) = 5.92 p < 0.001t(14) = −4.53 p < 0.001t(14) = 4.33 p < 0.001t(14) = 6.28 p < 0.001
  • Amplitude differences |P1-N2| and |P2-N2| were significantly larger in the passive as compared with the active and replay condition. In addition, the N2 component had longer latencies in the active condition compared with the passive condition; p-values were not different for the active versus replay comparison.