Table 1

Priors of free parameters in tested models

ωBiasIL(0, 1.4)
t0,cNondecision time of choiceIL(0, 1.4)
v0,vs,vd Drift rate coefficients of choiceLN(1.56, 1.5)
ρt Mean drift rate of timerLN(1.56, 1.5)
ηc,ηt Within-trial variabilityLN(1.56, 1.5)
γ *Mixture between random
and evidence-based
timer-induced decision
IL(–1, 1.0)
  • IL inverse logit distribution.

  • LN log normal distribution.

  • * parameters only exist in TRDM.

  • The best fitting parameters of the two models for each animal are shown in Extended Data Tables 1-2 and 1-3. We also tested the relationship between RT and contrast difference using nonmodel statistics described in Extended Data Table 1-1.