Table 1

Statistical table

ResultData structureType of testPower: 95% CI, MO vs SAL
aNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA−0.9729 to 1.565
bNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA12.37–57.91
cNormal distributiont test−42.15 to −2.805
dNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA−13.95 to −1.238
eSurvival analysisLog-rank (Mantel–Cox)0.8219–4.835
fNormal distributiont test−16.25 to −3.751
gNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA0.8553–20.70
hNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA−8.720 to −2.726
iNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA2.081–8.610
jNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA−11.40 to −1.271
kNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA−22.71 to −3.676
lNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA0.1384–8.060
mNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA2.606–7.030
nNormal distributiont test−5.397 to −0.7243
oNormal distributionLinear RegressionSlope 95% CI: 0.2513–2.790
pNormal distributionLinear RegressionSlope 95% CI: 0.3514–1.937
qNormal distributionLinear RegressionSlope 95% CI: −0.189 to 0.891
rNormal distributionLinear RegressionSlope 95% CI: 0.0744–1.204
sNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA−0.3064 to −0.07172
tNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA−0.1778 to −0.002775
uNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA−0.2946 to −0.01059
vNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA−0.1942 to −0.03028
wNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA−0.3187 to −0.05020
xNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA−0.3454 to −0.04435
yNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA0.002719–0.2159
zNormal distributionTwo-way ANOVA0.06831–0.3622
aaNon-normalMann Whitney U test0.04579–1.417
abNon-normalMann Whitney U test0.06866–0.5624
acNormal distributiont test10,716–8,233,887
adNormal distributiont test478,164–3,712,384
aeNormal distributiont test0.6423–9.446
afNormal distributiont test−17.07 to −2.215
agNormal distributiont test−14.15 to −4.105
ahNormal distributiont test−4,454,906 to −331,789
  • The Result column indicates superscript letters for each statistical result presented in this section.