Table 2

List of the required 3D-printed parts for building the cutting apparatus

ItemQuantityProductionCost (€)
Bottom rail support14 h 30 min2.30
Top rail support17 h4.20
Multitool positioner13 h 30 min1.20
Multitool support15 h1.70
Multitool tightener150 min0.30
Multitool spacer210 min (20 min total)0.05 (0.10 total)
Base carriage12 h 15 min0.70
Length regulator base11 h 50 min0.65
Length regulator11 h 45 min0.50
Centering support210 min (20 min total)0.025 (0.05 total)
Cannula support: hippocampus140 min0.20
Cannula support: cover115 min0.10
Cutting length: regulator handle120 min0.05
Carriage handle11 h 20 min0.30
Total30 h12.35
  • All production times are derived from the following printing parameters: speed = 60 mm/s; layer height = 200 μm; infill = 20%; nozzle diameter = 400 μm. Different parameters will influence printing times. Reported costs are an estimate, based on that of generic PLA. All costs are expressed in euros.