Table 1

Statistical table showing the relevant information related to each statistical test performed

ExperimentData structureType of testPower
Fig. 1B–DTemperature threshold, Seizure duration
and Racine scale, respectively
Non-normal distributionKruskal–Wallis test95%
Fig. 1E–I and
Extended Data Fig. 1-2
miR-134, Limk1, Creb1, Dcx, and scn1a
relative expression, respectively
Normal distributionOne-way ANOVA95%
Fig. 2C,DNumber of seizure and seizure durationNormal distributionStudent’s t test95%
Fig. 2E,GRacine scale and miR-134Non-normal distributionMann–Whitney test95%
Fig. 2F% SurvivalNon-normal distributionlog-rank test95%