Table 2

Statistical table for behavioral experiments

ExperimentData structureType of test95% CI
a Rotarod day 1Small N (nonparametric)Kruskal–Wallis−66.7, 34.0
b Rotarod day 2Small N (nonparametric)Kruskal–Wallis−40.0, 75.7
c Rotarod day 3Small N (nonparametric)Kruskal–Wallis−23.0, 90.0
d Open field distanceSmall N (nonparametric)Kruskal–Wallis−1364.0, 962.0
e Zero plus distanceSmall N (nonparametric)Kruskal–Wallis−1010.2, 1600.7
  • Graphical representations of results can be found in Extended Data Table 2-1.