Table 1

Comparison between modeled and actual neurofilament transport data

GroupRelative anterograde flux
(% ΔFd / Fc(0) /min)
Relative retrograde flux
(% ΔFp / Fc(0) /min)
Velocity (mm/d)Anterograde (%)
Tibial nerve
2 weeks0.2990.415+39%0.1950.231+18%0.0600.106+77%60.564.2+6%
4 weeks0.1780.218+22%0.1350.184+36%0.0250.020−21%56.954.2−5%
8 weeks0.1540.152−1%0.1220.113−7%0.0180.022+22%55.857.3+3%
16 weeks0.0960.091−5%0.0680.060−12%0.0160.018+11%58.760.5+3%
Sciatic nerve
8 weeks0.2020.2020%0.1250.130+4%0.0440.041−7%61.860.8−2%
  • Table compares the average measured neurofilament transport flux, velocity, and percentage anterograde for the data reported in Figures 5 and 7, with predicted values based on modeling an extrapolation to infinite window size. The average velocity and average percentage anterograde were calculated using the average relative proximal and distal fluxes (Eqs. 9, 10). The percentage difference (“difference”) between the experimentally derived (“measured”) and mathematically modeled (“model”) values are shown.