Table 1

Mice used for phenotyping assays

C57, 3 MFVB, 3 MHYB, 3 MC57, 9 MFVB, 9 MHYB, 9 MTotal
Battery A12121119141987
Elevated plus-maze887191419
Open field787191415
Optomotor drum887191419
Forced swim test687191419
Phenotyping cagesb---886
Battery B1091220171583
Gait analysis10911191215
Phenotyping cagesb---875
  • a Due to errors in the initial testing of three-month-old mice on the rotarod, an additional replacement cohort of 12 animals was used.

  • b Mice tested in the phenotyping cages were a subset of the animals used in test Batteries A and B.

  • c Mice were weighed at least once every week from the age of three months until subjected to test Battery B at nine months of age.