Table 1

Main activation clusters and peaks of the lexical effect and word form effect as identified by contrasting RWs versus fixation minus PWs versus fixation and PWs versus fixation minus FWs versus fixation

RegionCluster sizePeak
t value
p value
Lexical effect: RWs vs fixation minus PWs vs fixation
 Right middle occipital gyrus, right middle temporal gyrus,3106.80<0.00144−7232
 Left middle occipital gyrus, left middle temporal gyrus3815.91<0.001−42−7838
 Right inferior temporal gyrus, right FG, right middle temporal gyrus4095.32<0.00160−22−26
 Left middle occipital gyrus1415.07<0.001−18−9018
 Left inferior temporal gyrus, left middle temporal gyrus, left FG4215.01<0.001−58−24−24
 Left FG, left inferior occipital gyrus3584.74<0.001−26−78−12
 Left middle temporal gyrus, left inferior temporal gyrus284.43<0.001−64−58−4
 Right FG4584.36<0.00118−44−12
 Left middle temporal gyrus113.73<0.001−52−7218
 Right middle occipital gyrus353.69<0.00140−7214
 Left inferior temporal gyrus223.63<0.001−486−40
 Right middle occipital gyrus473.290.00126−8614
 Right inferior temporal gyrus333.260.00168−46−8
 Left inferior temporal gyrus122.840.003−42−6810
Word form effect: PWs vs fixation minus FWs vs fixation
 Left inferior temporal gyrus, left FG, left inferior occipital gyrus4725.74<0.001−50−50−14
 Right inferior temporal gyrus, right FG434.14<0.00150−46−18
 Left middle occipital gyrus123.80<0.001−28−6840