Table 1

Overview of the computational models with parameter values: χg: glial gap junction factor, γne: neuronal membrane area-to-volume, γge: glial membrane area-to-volume, ηge: glial membrane water permeability, gKir4.1 : glial Kir 4.1 resting conductance

Modelχgγne (m– 1)γge (m– 1)ηge (m4/(mol s))gKir4.1 (S/m2)
A0.055.38 × 1056.38 × 1055.40 × 10– 101.30
C1.35 × 1051.6 × 105
  • Model A corresponds to the default parameters (given in Extended Data 1, only three significant digits included here). The dash (–) indicates no change from the default values.