Table 2

Summary of computational quantities of interest for different models (A, B, C, D, E)

Quantity of interestABCDE
Mean wave propagation speed (mm/min)5.845.523.195.835.27
DC shift (mV)11.023.8010.1811.0210.16
DC shift duration (s)3250863236
Neuronal swelling (%)11.6911.675.6914.9311.81
Glial swelling (%)
ECS shrinkage (%)39.7939.5619.3237.3339.60
Neuronal swelling duration (s)109111183115100
Glial swelling duration (s)1031011810148
ECS shrinkage duration (s)135135185136141
ECS K+ elevation (mm)76.3976.4654.4075.3976.60
ECS Glu elevation (mm)1.381.380.201.371.39
ECS Cl elevation (mm)21.1220.887.4323.1220.81
ECS K+ elevation duration (s)2626602627
ECS Glu elevation duration (s)2019252020
ECS Cl elevation duration (s)84841788790
Neuronal membrane potential (mV)63.3663.3851.5163.3264.53
Glial membrane potential (mV)55.1455.7746.5254.2448.23
Neuronal membrane potential duration (s)79791588369
Glial membrane potential duration (s)45409642160
  • Numerical errors are <1.5%.