Table 1

Statistical tests and confidence intervals reported throughout this study referenced with letter superscripts

Data structureType of testConfidence intervals
aCorrelation between speed profiles from –200 to 200 ms relative to peak speed, nonparametricWilcoxon rank-sum test[25th, 75th] percentiles
bInitial vs corrective movement times, nonparametricTwo-sided Wilcoxon rank-sum testPercentage of submovements within 100–350 ms
cInitial vs corrective average spike times between −200 and 100 ms, nonparametricSpearman’s rank correlation95% confidence interval by bootstrapping (1000 repetitions)
dCircular distribution of phaseRayleigh testCircular SD
Speed – linear random variable
Circular correlation between angle and linear variableMinimum and maximum across 12 recording sessions
fRatio of SDs of times estimated with CIφ and firing rate modelF test95% confidence interval