Table 2

List of components necessary to build one operant chamber

PurposeItemSupplier/product numberQuantityPrice ($ US)
ArduinoIR break beam (for nose-poke holes)Adafruit (ID: 2167)22.33
circuitFemale DC plugAdafruit (ID: 368)11.58
Diode 1N4001Adafruit (ID: 755)11.19
Jumper wiresAdafruit (ID: 760)16.28
Speaker 2 (loud buzzer)Ajax Scientific, rectangular buzzer with lead wire, 3V13.16
Resistor 700 ohm, 0.5WDigikey (ID: CMF55700R00FKBF-ND)10.11
IRL 540 TransistorDigikey (ID: IRL540PBF)12.28
Resistor 120 ohm, 0.5WMouser (ID: 588-OL1215E-R52)20.17
Resistor 10k ohm, 0.5WMouser (ID: 603-CFR-50JR-52-10K)10.17
White LED (very bright)Mouser (ID: 630-ASMT-AY31-NUW01)17.71
Resistor 100 ohm, 0.5WMouser (ID: 660-CF1/2CT52A101J)20.52
Resistor 1k ohm, 0.5WMouser (ID: 660-CF1/2CT52R102G)10.40
28v power supply (for pellet dispenser) *Mouser (ID: 709-GST25U28-P1J) *1*19.24
Green LEDMouser (ID: 941-C503BGCNCY0C0792)20.28
Speaker 1 0.5W (8  Ω)SparkFun (ID: 09151)11.78
Arduino UNO R3Sparkfun (ID: 11021)118.13
BreadboardSparkfun (ID: 12002)13.91
For miniscopeCoaxial connector SMADigikey (ID: CONSMA013.062-ND)35.80
and DAQCoaxial cable (for miniscope)Digikey (ID: A9434W-10-ND)130.22
Coaxial cable (connections to DAQ)Digikey (ID: A9432W-10-ND)133.69
Coaxial cable (DAQ modification)Digikey (ID: WM9477-ND)17.00
PCB coaxial to SMA
OtherPipette tip box, lid removedCole-Parmer (ID: RK-25712-93)130.26
componentsCommutator *Dragonfly R&D Inc. (ID: FL-2-C-Micro)*1*346.02
Gorilla water-resistant tapeHome Depot CA (ID: 101593)111.83
Masking tapeHome Depot CA (ID: 2020–24)11.16
Pellet dispenser *Med Associates*1*197.50
USB cameraNewegg CA (ID: 9SIAVBFDST0991)118.25
UHU White tacStaples CA (ID: 99683)13.15
ChamberPolycarbonate sheets (see Table 1)Local plastics storeSee Table 1134.93
constructionSCIGRIP 16 plastics cementSciGrip Adhesives (ID: 10319)115.80
  • Optional parts and prices that include them. Please see the discussion section for alternatives.