Table 1

Description of the datasets

DatasetTotal imagesAcute slicesNeur. cultures (cryo/chem.fix.)Patches/full imagesUsage
Train 121192/0Patch. 34805Train 1° cl.
Test 1642/0Patch. 4209Test 1° cl.
Train 216106/0Patch. 6245Train 2° cl.
Test 2853/0Patch. 1912Test 2° cl.
Test final27117/9Full images 27Evaluation
External1002/8Full images 27Evaluation
  • Description of the datasets used to train and test the first and second (refinement) classifiers and for evaluating the final performance of the model. The term “acute slices” refers to images of hMFBs from chemically-fixed acute hippocampal slices, “neur. cultures” refers to images of small hippocampal synapses from either cryo-fixed or chemically-fixed cultured neurons.