Table 1

List of brain ROIs of the Allen Mouse Atlas considered in the simulations

ROI ID:ROI name:ROI ID:ROI name:
0Right primary motor area52Left primary motor area
1Right secondary motor area53Left secondary motor area
2Right primary somatosensory area, nose54Left primary somatosensory area, nose
3Right primary somatosensory area, barrel field55Left primary somatosensory area, barrel field
4Right primary somatosensory area, lower limb56Left primary somatosensory area, lower limb
5Right primary somatosensory area, mouth57Left primary somatosensory area, mouth
6Right primary somatosensory area, upper limb58Left primary somatosensory area, upper limb
7Right supplemental somatosensory area59Left supplemental somatosensory area
8Right gustatory areas60Left gustatory areas
9Right visceral area61Left Visceral area
10Right dorsal auditory area62Left dorsal auditory area
11Right primary auditory area63Left primary auditory area
12Right ventral auditory area64Left ventral auditory area
13Right primary visual area65Left primary visual area
14Right anterior cingulate area, dorsal part66Left anterior cingulate area, dorsal part
15Right anterior cingulate area, ventral part67Left anterior cingulate area, ventral part
16Right agranular insular area, dorsal part68Left agranular insular area, dorsal part
17Right retrosplenial area, dorsal part69Left retrosplenial area, dorsal part
18Right retrosplenial area, ventral part70Left retrosplenial area, ventral part
19Right temporal association areas71Left temporal association areas
20Right perirhinal area72Left perirhinal area
21Right ectorhinal area73Left ectorhinal area
22Right main olfactory bulb74Left main olfactory bulb
23Right anterior olfactory nucleus75Left anterior olfactory nucleus
24Right piriform area76Left piriform area
25Right cortical amygdalar area, posterior part77Left cortical amygdalar area, posterior part
26Right field CA178Left field CA1
27Right field CA379Left field CA3
28Right dentate gyrus80Left dentate gyrus
29Right entorhinal area, lateral part81Left entorhinal area, lateral part
30Right entorhinal area, medial part, dorsal zone82Left entorhinal area, medial part, dorsal zone
31Right subiculum83Left subiculum
32Right caudoputamen84Left caudoputamen
33Right nucleus accumbens85Left nucleus accumbens
34Right olfactory tubercle86Left olfactory tubercle
35Right substantia innominata87Left substantia innominata
36Right lateral hypothalamic area88Left lateral hypothalamic area
37Right superior colliculus, sensory related89Left superior colliculus, sensory related
38Right inferior colliculus90Left inferior colliculus
39Right midbrain reticular nucleus91Left midbrain reticular nucleus
40Right superior colliculus, motor related92Left superior colliculus, motor related
41Right periaqueductal gray93Left periaqueductal gray
42Right pontine reticular nucleus, caudal part94Left pontine reticular nucleus, caudal part
43Right pontine reticular nucleus95Left pontine reticular nucleus
44Right intermediate reticular nucleus96Left intermediate reticular nucleus
45Right central lobule97Left central lobule
46Right culmen98Left culmen
47Right simple lobule99Left simple lobule
48Right ansiform lobule100Left ansiform lobule
49Right paramedian lobule101Left paramedian lobule
50Right copula pyramidis102Left copula pyramidis
51Right paraflocculus103Left paraflocculus