Table 1

Parcellation of the telencephalon

Cortical compartmentMO, Cing, …mPFC, INS, SUBvINS, cortico-AMYSUB, CA
Striatal compartmentSTRd (CPu)STRv (Acb, FS, OT)STRc (CEAc, CEAl, MEA)STRm (LSN, SFN)
Pallidal compartmentPALd (GPe, GPi)VP (SI)PALc (BST, CEAm)PALm (MSN, NDB)
  • Table summarizing the parcellation of the telencephalon based on the nomenclature of the Allen Brain Atlas and Swanson (Allen Institute, 2004; Swanson, 2004) with a slight modification from Barbier et al. (2020; CEAm is adjoined to the PALc, see comments in Table 2). Acb: accumbens nucleus; AMY: amygdala; BST: bed nucleus of the stria terminalis; CA: Ammon’s horn; CEAc: capsular part of the central nucleus of the amygdala; CEAl: lateral part of the central nucleus of the amygdala; CEAm: medial part of the central nucleus of the amygdala; Cing: cingulate cortex; CPu: caudoputamen; FS: fundus striatum; GPe: globus pallidus, external part; GPi: globus pallidus, internal part; INS: insular cortex; LSN: lateral septal nucleus; MEA: medial amygdalar nucleus; MO: somatomotor areas; MSN: medial septal nucleus; NDB: diagonal band nucleus; OT: olfactory tubercle; PALc: caudal pallidum; PALd: dorsal pallidum; PALm: medial pallidum; mPFC:; SFN: septofimbrial nucleus; SI: substantia innominata; STRc: caudal striatum; STRd: dorsal striatum; STRm: medial striatum; STRv: ventral striatum; SUB: subiculum; SUBv: ventral subiculum; VP: ventral pallidum.