Table 2

Participants’ clinical and socio-demographic characteristics

GA at birth (weeks), median (IQR)30.29 (28.79–31.79)
Birth weight (g), median (IQR)1275 (980–1570)
PMA at MRI (weeks), mean (±SD)42.22 (0.79)
CA at assessment, median (IQR)4.63 (4.1−5.16)
Female, number (percentage)71 (47%)
IQ score, mean (±SD)108.03 (17.00)
IMD score quintiles1 (least deprived)3623.8%
5 (most deprived)1711.3%
Maternal education ≥19 years, number (percentage)117 (77.5%)
  • CA, corrected age at assessment; GA, gestational age; IMD, index of multiple deprivation; IQR, interquartile range; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; PMA, postmenstrual age at neonatal MRI.