Table 1

Summary of mouse Brs3 allele phenotypes

Body weight ReferenceIncreasedIncreasedIncreased
Body temperature span ReferenceNo changeNo changeIncreased
Reporter expression in adult Ai14 miceHypothalamus YesYes 
Parabrachial nucleus YesYes 
Hippocampus NoYes 
Striatum NoYes 
Hypothalamus Brs3 RNA 100%43%7%None
Food intake inhibition by BRS3 agonist, MK-5046 YesIntactLostLost
Body temperature increase by BRS3 agonist, MK-5046 YesIntactBluntedLost
  • BRS3-IRES-Cre observations are presented in Results; BRS3-CreER data are from Results and the study by Piñol et al. (2018); and the BRS3-null phenotype is from the studies by Ohki-Hamazaki et al. (1997b), Guan et al. (2011), and Xiao et al. (2017), among others.