Table 3

Key resources table

Reagent type (species) or resource additional informationDesignationSource or referenceIdentifiers
Genetic reagent (M. Musculus)Kiss1Cre:GFP version 2 (V2)Dr. Richard D. Palmiter; University of Washington;
PMID: 29336844
Genetic reagent (M. Musculus)GnRH GFPSuter et al. (2000); PMID:10614664
Genetic reagent (AAV)AAV1-Ef1α-DIO-ChR2:mCherryDr. Stephanie L. Padilla; University of
Washington; PMID: 25429312
AntibodyAnti-mCherry (rabbit polyclonal )AbcamAbcam: ab167453 RRID:AB_2571870(1:10 000)
AntibodyAnti-mCherry (goat polyclonal)BiorbytBiorbyt: orb11618 RRID:AB_2687829(1:10 000)
AntibodyAnti-kisspeptin (rabbit polyclonal)Dr. Alain Caraty Universite Francois-
Rabelais Tours; PMID:16621281
No. 564 RRID: AB_2622231(1:2500)
AntibodyAnti-OT (rabbit polyclonal)Morris et al. (1980); PMID:7448278(1:5000)
AntibodyAnti-GnRH (rabbit polyclonal)Ellinwood et al. (1985); PMID:3887335EL-14 RRID:AB_2715535(1:5000)
AntibodyAnti-AVP (rabbit polyclonal)Dave et al. (1985); PMID: 2992912(1:5000)
AntibodyBiotin-SP AffiniPure bovine anti-goat IgGJackson ImmunoResearch LabsJackson: 805-065-180 RRID: AB_2340876(1:500)
AntibodyBiotin anti-GFP (goat polyclonal)AbcamAbcam: ab6658 RRID: AB_305631(1:5000)
AntibodyAlexa Fluor 594-streptavidinJackson ImmunoResearch LabsJackson: 016-580-084 RRID: AB_2337250(1:2500)
AntibodyGoat anti-rabbit IgG Alexa Fluor 594Thermo Fisher ScientificCatalog #A-11037 RRID: AB_2534095(1:500)
AntibodyGoat anti-rabbit IgG Alexa Fluor 488Thermo Fisher ScientificCatalog #A-11034 RRID: AB_2576217(1:1000)
SoftwareZEN digital imaging for light microscopyZeissRRID:SCR_013672