Table 4

Statistical results

FigureTestF(DFn,DFd)t valuep valueDF
1B, Cdh8One-way ANOVAF(5,30) = 10.26<0.00015
1B, Cdh11One-way ANOVAF(5,30) = 3.3840.01535
1DOne-way ANOVAF(3,12) = 7.0400.00553
1EOne-way ANOVAF(3,12) = 2.1760.14383
2AOne-way ANOVAF(3,8) = 6.3390.01653
2BOne-way ANOVAF(3,8) = 2.1040.17813
2Ct test5.3320.00315
2Dt test4.5340.00625
3B, PSD-95One-way ANOVAF(4,15) = 32.22<0.00014
3B, Cdh8One-way ANOVAF(4,15) = 1.7470.19214
3B, Cdh11One-way ANOVAF(4,15) = 34.99<0.00014
3B, syntaxin-1One-way ANOVAF(4,15) = 13.81<0.00014
4COne-way ANOVAF(2,114) = 10.10<0.00012
4DOne-way ANOVAF(2,90) = 78.09<0.00012
4JOne-way ANOVAF(2,57) = 36.49<0.00012
5At test3.9500.002710
5Bt test2.4850.032310
5Ct test2.3420.04738
5Dt test6.7480.00018
6B, primaryt test1.1280.263859
6B, secondaryt test1.3460.183359
6B, tertiaryt test0.91980.361459
6B, totalt test0.49280.623959
6Ct test0.52550.601454
6Et test2.2860.026946
6F, TDLt test2.2070.032346
6F, tip numbert test2.3870.021246
6G, TDLt test1.7450.084588
6G, tip numbert test0.50620.614088
6H, TDLt test0.29490.768968
6H, tip numbert test0.87640.383968
6Jt test10.06<0.000112
6Kt test2.9450.012312
6Lt test4.0040.001712
6Mt test3.4960.004412
6Nt test0.99610.338912
6O, PSD-95t test0.20460.842010
6O, Nlgn1t test0.056440.956110
6O, Cdh8t test1.5820.144710
6O, N-cadherint test0.37100.718410
6P, PSD-95t test1.9440.080510
6P, Nlgn1t test0.77550.456010
6P, Cdh8t test1.6740.125210
6P, N-cadherint test0.90670.385910
7Bt test3.4810.002221
7Ct test3.4270.002720
7Dt test2.5410.025912
7Et test0.80660.429021
7Gt test2.2540.045611
7Ht test2.2340.047211
7lt test3.7960.003011
7Jt test1.2890.223811
8Bt test0.15770.877511
8Ct test0.49920.626013
8Dt test2.5910.016024
8Et test3.1010.004924
8Ft test3.9470.000624
8Gt test0.75500.457624
9Ct test0.57690.568827
9Dt test0.30300.764227
9Et test0.40870.686027
9Ft test0.53850.594627
9Gt test0.29130.773127
9Jt test4.776<0.000146
9Kt test2.4860.016646
9Lt test1.9840.053246
9Mt test0.00040.999746
9Nt test0.50730.614446
  • Detailed information about statistical test, F values, t values, p values, and degree of freedom (DF) for all experiments performed in this study.