Table 3

Parts list

ItemQuantitySource, useful resources
Arduino Uno1
1.2” 8 × 8 LED matrix with backpack3
Half Bread Board1
10k Ohm Resistor12
4 strand 22-g shielded hookup wire∼5 feet
22-g solid wire [4–5 colors (Rd,Bk,C1,C2,C3)]∼2 feet per color
5-Way Wire Connectors4
3D-printed holder3GitHub, Extended Data 1
#4–40 machine screws, 8-mm total length6
Adafruit_GFX Library
Stimulus codeGitHub, Extended Data 1
3D-Printed Nosepoke Ports3GitHub, Extended Data 1
IR Beam Breaker Sensor3
#6–32 machine screws, 11-mm total length12
Dupont Jumper Connectors (connect Arduino to LED backpack)