Table 1.

Outcome of estimation statistics of the BOLD responses from each ROI

FigureStimulusControl ROIROIEffect sizeCI (width 95.0%)p value
Lower boundUpper bound
31 HzOB controlOB α-synuclein−0.000905−0.004440.05020.981
VC control contra-0.4930.3440.6510.00022
VC control ipsi-0.4150.2550.5680.00099
VC α-synuclein contra-0.336−0.06670.6090.0452
VC α-synuclein ipsi-0.4290.1270.680.0044
SC control contra-1.20.8851.520.000123
SC control ipsi-1.150.8161.570.000498
SC α-synuclein contra-1.280.9171.50.000133
SC α-synuclein ipsi-1.220.9581.40.000036
414 HzOB controlOB α-synuclein−0.038−0.2430.140.722
VC control contra-−0.424−0.785−0.02080.0496
VC control ipsi-−0.257−0.5280.01350.0926
VC α-synuclein contra-−0.258−0.6380.02270.139
VC α-synuclein ipsi-−0.414−0.714−0.1820.0012
SC control contra-1.290.7441.80.0006
SC control ipsi-1.220.661.90.0006
SC α-synuclein contra-1.380.5852.010.001
SC α-synuclein ipsi-1.210.2731.720.0026
  • The 95 % CI are based on a two-sided permutation t-test with 5000 bootstraps. ROI; region of interest, Contra-; contralateral to the injection, Ipsi-; ipsilateral to the injection, OB; olfactory bulb, VC; visual cortex, SC; superior colliculus.