Table 7

List of gait parameters pi (Np = 9) and their corresponding parameter-weight w1,i for the linear combination of parameters

1Forepaw swing time (s)
0.0015Forepaw stride length (cm)
0.0005Forepaw duty cycle (%)
−0.0103Hindpaw BOS (cm)
0.00002RI (%)
0.001Body speed (cm/s)
−0.0001AB sequence (%)
−0.0015Forepaw max contact at (%)
−0.0017Hindpaw stride length (cm)
  • AB sequence: Alternate (LF-RH-RF-LH).

  • RF: right forepaw; LF: left forepaw; RH: right hindpaw; LH: left hindpaw.