Table 1

Component list for CapTouch 1.0

Touch board1Bare ConductiveNA$49.91 (list price: $62.39)
Electric paint 10 ml1Bare ConductiveNA$11.04
Perma-proto half-sized breadboard PCB-single1Adafruit1609$4.50
Proto-pasta conductive PLA- 1.75 mm (0.5 kg)1MatterHackersMUW33A27$49.99 (list price: $56.00)
RJ45 8-pin connector1 per touch boardSparkFunPRT-00643$1.50
Short headers kit for feather-12- pin + 16-pin
female headers
2 per touch boardAdafruit2940$1.50
Solid-core wire spool-25 ft- 22AWG1Adafruit290$2.95
Magnet-1/2” diameter × 1/10” thick1 per objectK&J MagneticsD8H1$0.83
Diffused 5-mm LED (25 pack)1Adafruit299$4.00
USB-IO box1NoldusNA$1535.00
Ethernet cable1 per touch boardAdafruit994$2.75
USB cable-USB A to micro-B-3 foot long1 per touch boardAdafruit592$2.95
Resistor-10 KΩ -pack of 252 per touch boardAdafruit2784$0.75
  • CapTouch 1.0 list of build components needed for the system. The component name, number needed, supplier, part number, and price are provided.