Table 6

Clusters of brain activation for the ANOVA interactions effect

Cortical areaxyztp valueSize
RH, superior temporal gyrus, BA 4263−2873.81640.000011269
RH, precentral gyrus, BA 654−1133.32130.000192150
RH, middle frontal gyrus3922194.80320.000011871
RH, caudate head121113.8630.000013147
LH, lingual gyrus, BA 18−9−76−84.19830.000013655
LH, lentiform nucleus−18212.93450.000532115
LH, precentral gyrus, BA 44−5110133.29260.000161310
LH, superior temporal gyrus, BA 41−45−3443.76050.000011431
  • x, y, z are the Talairach coordinates. LH. left hemisphere; RH, right hemisphere; BA, Brodmann area.