Table 4

Clusters of brain activation for NF and control groups

GroupCortical areaxyztp valueSize
NFLH, lateral globus pallidus−21−745.24150.000531924
LH, IPL, BA 40−60−28347.94060.000021258
LH, supramarginal gyrus, BA 40−42−40377.75100.000021263
LH, precentral gyrus, BA 6−30−13527.20340.000054863
RH, putamen24−175.83230.000241995
RH, precentral gyrus, BA 44485107.11740.000051405
ControlLH, middle temporal gyrus, BA 21−57−5547.21420.000051504
LH, putamen−18−11312.88670.0000124743
LH, IPL, BA 40−57−34227.50890.000031756
RH, caudate body21171311.47460.0000115864
RH, middle frontal gyrus, BA 636−4466.76280.000081605
  • x, y, z are given in Talairach coordinates. LH, left hemisphere; RH, right hemisphere; BA, Brodmann area.