Table 4

Information for one-way ANOVA

SSdfMSF(dfn,dfd) p
Fig. 1C     
 Between columns43308629221654315F(2,31) = 4.748p =0.0159
 Within columns141389895314560964  
Fig. 1D     
 Between columns1702928514F(2,31) = 6.306p =0.0050
 Within columns41856311350  
Fig. 2B     
 Between columns1821440129107200F(2,22) = 3.247p =0.0581
 Within columns61708704222804941  
Fig. 2C     
 Between columns21480210740F(2,26) = 15.97p <0.0001
 Within columns1748926672.7  
Fig. 5B     
 Between columns257767621288838F(2,26) = 3.614p =0.0412
 Within columns927296226356652  
Fig. 5C     
 Between columns1490527453F(2,26) = 3.92p =0.0325
 Within columns49424261901  
Extended Data Fig. 1-1G     
 Between columns4732236.5F(2,31) = 6.304p =0.0050
 Within columns11633137.51  
Extended Data Fig. 1-1H     
 Between columns136.1268.07F(2,31) = 2.005p =0.1518
 Within columns10533133.96  
Extended Data Fig. 2-1E     
 Between columns11.7525.876F(2,8) = 16.19p =0.0015
 Within columns2.90480.363  
Extended Data Fig. 2-1F     
 Between columns597.62298.8F(2,26) = 15.92p <0.0001
 Within columns4882618.77  
Extended Data Fig. 2-1G     
 Between columns230.52115.3F(2,26) = 3.902p =0.0330
 Within columns7682629.54  
Extended Data Fig. 5-1B     
 Between columns4142207F(2,26) = 3.921p =0.0325
 Within columns13732652.8  
Extended Data Fig. 5-1C     
 Between columns78.67239.34F(2,26) = 1.724p =0.1981
 Within columns593.22622.82  
  • For our one-way ANOVA analyses, the SS, df, the MS, F ratios, and p values used to assess the variation between columns, within columns, and total are summarized.