Table 5

Afferent and efferent connections of the cerebellar modules that were derived from the c-l lineage clusters.

E14.5 PC clusterBirthdate of PCsE17.5 PC clusterAdult zebrin stripe(s)ModuleIO1DCN2
c-lE11.5, E12.5va2-42- (lateral) and b+ in I-VBdDAOLVN
ip1-24-, f+, f-, e1+ in CopC1vDAOAIN
ia1-2b-, 3+ in I-VC1vDAOAIN
ia3-5 (?)3-, 3b+, 3b- in III, IV-VC1vDAOAIN
it34-//5- (medial) in III, IV-V, Sim, Cr I, Cr II, ParC3vDAO, DMAIN
ha45- in IV-VD0DMAIN
  • 1 Inferior olive subarea that project to PCs in the stripe (Sarpong et al., 2018; Sugihara and Shinoda, 2004).

  • 2 Cerebellar nucleus subarea that is innervated by PCs in the stripe (Sugihara et al., 2009).

  • Abbreviations: I-V, lobules I-V; III, lobule III; IV-V, lobule IV-V; AIN, anterior interposed nucleus; Cop, copula pyramidis; Cr I, crus II; Cr II, crus II; DCN, deep cerebellar nucleus; dDAO, dorsal fold of the dorsal accessory olive; DM dorsomedial subnucleus; IO, inferior olive; LVN, lateral vestibular nucleus; Par, paramedian lobule; Sim, simple lobule; vDAO, ventral fold of the dorsal accessory olive.