Table 1

Total reaching event counts by phase of light cyclea

Reaching event type
DeterminantTotal attemptsMissKnock-downSuccessp value
Light phase715*100 (14.0%)*335 (46.8%)280 (39.2%)0.018
Dark phase3285*362 (11.0%)*1705 (51.9%)1218 (37.1%)
Total4000462 (11.5%)2040 (51.0%)1498 (37.5%)
  • a Total count of each type of reaching event on day 22 of training, split by phase of the light cycle. An attempt was any event where the hand passed through the front slot, resulting in either a miss, knock-down, or successful retrieval of the seed. The number in parentheses shows the percentage of that type of event within a given row. χ2 tests were used to assess differences in the relative distribution of event types across the light cycle (light phase vs dark phase). Cells prefixed by a * had significant differences in their relative distribution between light phases. Overall, 82.1% of reaching events occurred during the dark phase.