Table 1

Descriptives of reaction times for the first saccade, error rate, gain of the first saccade (ratio of actual saccade amplitude divided by the desired saccade amplitude), and peak saccadic velocity for the prosaccade and antisaccade condition for the young and old group

Young group (n = 20)Old group (n = 20)
Prossacade conditionAntisaccade conditionProssacade conditionAntisaccade condition
Reaction time (ms)268835179030388517863091185179636013051794
Error rate (%)1.31.920107.836.54027.55.355.31021.617.214.7057.4
Gain of the saccade (ratio)0.810.180.012.580.790.220.013.480.760.
Peak saccadic velocity (°/s)3312294532703262595.0327028819344.03270267210443270