Table 2

Build instructions

1Download the code file from
2Print the nozzles from using a 3D printer
3Attach the H-bridge to the breadboard
4Wire the Arduino to the system with six “logic” cables, a power cable, and a ground
5Connect the two terminals of each motor to the corresponding H-bridge pins (Fig. 2)
6Insert two cables into the DC power jack (one for ground and one to power the motors)
7Secure a charged and filled JUUL e-cigarette to each of the two motors with heat shrink
8On the “out” ports of each motor, tightly heat shrink one end of an 8mm plastic tubes onto it
9Heat shrink the 3D-printed nozzles onto the opposite ends of each 8-mm plastic tube and insert the nozzles into the drilled holes on the ends of each of the Allentown mouse cages
10Plug the Arduino board into your computer and using the Arduino IDE, upload the appropriate code onto the board
11Plug both the Arduino and the adjustable voltage supply into a receptacle. The cable to the Arduino will automatically supply the desired voltage to the board
12Adjust the voltage supply to 6 V, and vapor clouds will appear at the specified intervals