Table 1

Statistical tests and results

FigureDescriptionMethods95% CI of differenceSignificantp value
1B Food: 0 vs 11–2.355 to 6.718No0.4707
Food: 0 vs 41–3.537 to 5.537No0.8506
Food: 1 vs 41–5.718 to 3.355No0.7981
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–6.364 to 4.864No0.9432
Osmo: Ctr vs high10.2450 to 10.25Yes0.038
Osmo: Low vs high10.3148 to 11.69Yes0.0367
Size: Ctr vs small2–9.991 to –2.937No0.0008
Temp: Ctr vs high2–0.5233 to 6.023No0.0958
1C Food: 0 vs 11–2.198 to 1.335No0.8207
Food: 0 vs 41–1.448 to 2.085No0.898
Food: 1 vs 41–0.9775 to 2.478No0.5411
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–2.688 to 0.3822No0.1728
Osmo: Ctr vs high11.034 to 3.682Yes0.0003
Osmo: Low vs high11.958 to 5.064Yes<0.0001
Size: Ctr vs small20.08979 to 2.894Yes0.0378
Temp: Ctr vs high2–0.9724 to 1.722No0.5716
1E Food: 0 vs 11–1.740 to 2.407No0.9195
Food: 0 vs 410.3931 to 4.540Yes0.0164
Food: 1 vs 410.05976 to 4.207Yes0.0426
Osmo: Ctr vs low10.7542 to 6.579No0.01
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–0.2806 to 4.642No0.0925
Osmo: Low vs high1–3.947 to 0.9758Yes0.3223
Size: Ctr vs small24.300 to 21.17No0.0059
Temp: Ctr vs high2–6.122 to –2.412Yes<0.0001
1F Food: 0 vs 11–1.026 to 0.09217No0.1178
Food: 0 vs 41–1.426 to –0.3078Yes0.0014
Food: 1 vs 41–0.9588 to 0.1588No0.2029
Osmo: Ctr vs low11.610 to 3.724Yes<0.0001
Osmo: Ctr vs high10.6877 to 2.474Yes0.0002
Osmo: Low vs high1–1.979 to –0.1925Yes0.0134
Size: Ctr vs small2–0.1413 to 0.9413No0.1413
Temp: Ctr vs high2–2.683 to –0.9838Yes<0.0001
2C Food: 0 vs 11–176.2 to 327.3No0.8033
Food: 0 vs 41–257.1 to 281.1No0.9991
Food: 1 vs 41–315.3 to 188.2No0.8705
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–147.0 to 148.8No0.9998
Osmo: Ctr vs high112.02 to 307.8Yes0.0356
Osmo: Low vs high1–6.375 to 324.4No0.0588
Size: Ctr vs small2–138.6 to 167.4No0.8303
Temp: Ctr vs high2–132.3 to 152.1No0.8738
2D Food: 0 vs 11–318.4 to 280.4No0.981
Food: 0 vs 41–473.7 to 125.1No0.2655
Food: 1 vs 41–475.4 to 164.8No0.378
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–174.6 to 237.8No0.9107
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–106.8 to 282.0No0.4681
Osmo: Low vs high1–150.2 to 262.2No0.7494
Size: Ctr vs small22.523 to 332.7Yes0.0473
Temp: Ctr vs high2–20.35 to 199.1No0.0955
2E Food: 0 vs 11–13.68 to 17.47No0.939
Food: 0 vs 41–19.72 to 15.75No0.948
Food: 1 vs 41–20.83 to 13.08No0.8034
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–19.22 to 0.7527No0.0686
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–6.431 to 13.54No0.5872
Osmo: Low vs high11.625 to 23.96Yes0.0273
Size: Ctr vs small2–7.207 to 13.24No0.5081
Temp: Ctr vs high2–4.729 to 13.86No0.2836
2F Food: 0 vs 11–19.97 to 13.83No0.9455
Food: 0 vs 41–30.51 to 3.289No0.1296
Food: 1 vs 41–28.61 to 7.526No0.3429
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–18.81 to 7.069No0.4634
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–7.909 to 16.49No0.6216
Osmo: Low vs high1–2.777 to 23.11No0.1307
Size: Ctr vs small22.745 to 22.78Yes0.0188
Temp: Ctr vs high20.5891 to 18.07Yes0.0396
2G Food: 0 vs 11–1.613 to 1.854No0.9773
Food: 0 vs 41–0.8072 to 2.899No0.2839
Food: 1 vs 41–0.8077 to 2.659No0.3176
Osmo: Ctr vs low10.5862 to 3.721Yes0.0108
Osmo: Ctr vs high11.379 to 4.514Yes0.0017
Osmo: Low vs high1–0.9592 to 2.545No0.4373
Size: Ctr vs small2–7.207 to 13.24No0.5081
Temp: Ctr vs high2–4.729 to 13.86Yes0.2836
2H Food: 0 vs 11–2.115 to 3.010No0.8669
Food: 0 vs 41–2.517 to 2.607No0.9985
Food: 1 vs 41–3.142 to 2.336No0.9032
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–0.4909 to 5.189No0.1103
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–2.518 to 2.609No0.9988
Osmo: Low vs high1–5.037 to 0.4289No0.1028
Size: Ctr vs small2–2.405 to 1.561No0.6416
Temp: Ctr vs high2–2.067 to 1.073No0.4785
3C Food: 0 vs 11–168.3 to 323.3No0.6736
Food: 0 vs 41–276.1 to 190.3No0.8709
Food: 1 vs 41–353.6 to 112.8No0.3699
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–448.7 to –9.334Yes0.0406
Osmo: Ctr vs high15.853 to 341.4Yes0.0422
Osmo: Low vs high1192.3 to 612.9Yes0.0005
Size: Ctr vs small2–96.12 to 287.7No0.288
Temp: Ctr vs high2–173.1 to 196.4No0.8855
3D Food: 0 vs 11–890.9 to 180.7No0.2575
Food: 0 vs 41–594.9 to 429.8No0.9638
Food: 1 vs 41–198.1 to 743.2No0.3624
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–398.8 to 148.8No0.4752
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–285.7 to 221.3No0.9411
Osmo: Low vs high1–160.7 to 346.3No0.6139
Size: Ctr vs small2–189.6 to 358.8No0.497
Temp: Ctr vs high2–430.9 to 270.0No0.5946
3E Food: 0 vs 11–20.65 to 14.51No0.8669
Food: 0 vs 41–31.19 to 3.966No0.1246
Food: 1 vs 41–29.33 to 8.249No0.2875
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–18.11 to 16.66No0.9932
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–9.921 to 18.47No0.7082
Osmo: Low vs high1–12.39 to 22.38No0.7294
Size: Ctr vs small2–4.836 to 10.90No0.406
Temp: Ctr vs high2–4.654 to 17.22No0.2095
3F Food: 0 vs 11–878.5 to 168.3No0.1957
Food: 0 vs 41–583.0 to 417.9No0.8911
Food: 1 vs 41–187.2 to 732.3No0.2734
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–23.83 to 22.78No0.998
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–25.81 to 12.84No0.6477
Osmo: Low vs high1–28.53 to 16.61No0.7608
Size: Ctr vs small2–6.952 to 12.37No0.536
Temp: Ctr vs high2–4.654 to 17.22No0.2095
3G Food: 0 vs 11–0.6621 to 3.852No0.1787
Food: 0 vs 41–1.813 to 2.470No0.908
Food: 1 vs 41–3.408 to 0.8747No0.2816
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–6.687 to –1.087Yes0.0066
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–0.5830 to 4.411No0.1499
Osmo: Low vs high13.165 to 8.437Yes<0.0001
Size: Ctr vs small2–1.356 to 3.915No0.3006
Temp: Ctr vs high2–0.8085 to 4.736No0.1378
3H Food: 0 vs 11–9.974 to 2.307No0.2484
Food: 0 vs 41–6.661 to 4.990No0.919
Food: 1 vs 41–2.828 to 8.823No0.3722
Osmo: Ctr vs low1–389.9 to 139.9No0.4301
Osmo: Ctr vs high1–382.1 to 229.7No0.7785
Osmo: Low vs high1–257.1 to 354.7No0.901
Size: Ctr vs small2–3.063 to 4.773No0.6283
Temp: Ctr vs high2–6.933 to 3.432No0.4402
4D High vs Ctr25.575 to 43.27Yes0.0193
  • Method 1 indicates ordinary one-way ANOVA, Tukey’s multiple comparison test, and method 2 indicates unpaired t test. The four conditions used were food (Food), osmolarity (Osmo), size (Size), and temperature (Temp). Control medium (ctr).