Table 3


TestMeanRCV (%)
Overall measures of hindlimbfunction
 Run duration3.29 s69.3
 Average speed36.87 cm/s72.5
 Base of support2.71 cm34.4
 Coupling RHRF45.12%31.6
 Coupling LHLF45.40%30.8
Hindlimb function, right
 Stride length17.68 cm29.1
 Print area1.82 cm265.0
 Swing duration0.16 s25.7
 Swing speed112.52 cm/s34.8
 Stance duration0.23* sUp: 121.5;down: 54.9
 Max contact area1.39 cm273.2
 Mean intensity103.61 AU19.6
 Duty cycle58.60%24.2
Hindlimb function, left
 Stride length17.71 cm27.1
 Print area1.83 cm266.1
 Swing duration0.16 s27.2
 Swing speed112.45 cm/s31.0
 Stance duration0.23* sUp: 136.6;down: 57.7
 Max contact area1.41 cm271.5
 Mean intensity103.63 AU20.4
 Duty cycle58.33%24.9
  • RHRF, right hind/right fore; LHLF, left hind/left fore; AU, arbitrary units.

  • * indicates median value, not mean.