Table 2

Summary of evidence observed in each condition whether broad spatial high gamma tracks the periodicities of musical rhythms more than baseline

RhythmAudio conditionβ95% CIβEvidence ratio
UnsyncopatedListen0.11360.0827 to 0.1445>9999*
UnsyncopatedImagine–0.0435–0.0749 to –0.01250.0114
SyncopatedListen0.07410.0432 to 0.1052>9999*
SyncopatedImagine0.13680.1049 to 0.1678>9999*
  • We obtain strong evidence for broad spatial high-gamma tracking of the envelope of musical rhythms in the syncopated rhythms during listening and imagining, as well as in the unsyncopated rhythm during listening. However, we do not observe evidence for whole-brain tracking of the unsyncopated rhythm during imagination.

  • * effects that can be considered significant at a α = 0.05 level.