Table 2

Amygdala sample demographic and descriptive characteristics

CaseAgeSexCause of deathBrain weight (g)PMI (hrs)HemisphereTOD
S9012270MCardiac arrest (A)136023.2L12.17
S2307352MCardiac arrest (A)-32.1L03.07
S1282771MCardiac arrest (A)158024.0L10.10
S1384537MElectrocution (A)146018.75R21.00
S0734065MCardiac arrest (A)124017.3L06.45
S0898753FCancer (C)133024.0R08.32
S3087762MCardiac arrest (A)130029.2L21.18
S0377470MAortic aneurysm (A)140017.3R20.46
S1723258MCOPD (C)106619.3R16.08
S1424772MCardiac arrest (A)156028.2R07.35
S0573574FCancer (C)114512.2L14.00
S1602268FCardiac arrest (A)133014.75R09.30
S1016085MCancer (C)122520.3L05.30
S1822878FCancer (C)110023.9L05.00
Total/mean ± SD65.4 ± 12.25F 9M1315.0 ± 161.321.8 ± 5.78L 6R
  • A, acute death, no prolonged agonal period; C, chronic, prolonged agonal period; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; PMI, postmortem time interval.