Table 3

Hypotheses performed on the model shown in Table 4

RhythmAudio conditionHypothesis test
UnsyncopatedListenRhythm > 0
UnsyncopatedImagineRhythm + Rhythm:Imagined > 0
SyncopatedListenRhythm + Rhythm:Syncopated > 0
SyncopatedImagineRhythm + Rhythm:Syncopated + Rhythm:Imagined + Rhythm:Syncopated:Imagined > 0
  • The reference was placed at the white noise condition, unsyncopated, listening condition. Rhythm indicates that the actual rhythm rather than white noise was heard. Unsyncopated and syncopated refer to the two different rhythms used. Imagined indicates that the rhythms were not played, and instead participants were asked to imagine them.