Table 2

Mean standardized RS during singing periods with versus without head movements (n = 24 neurons that showed comparable firing rates during head movements that occurred within singing and non-singing periods)

Singing w/ headmovements > singing w/out head movements(n = 8/24)Singing w/ headmovements = singing w/out head movements
(n = 14/24)
Singing w/ headmovements < singing w/out head movements(n = 2/24)
Singing w/ movements0.47 ± 0.04–1.751.08 ± 0.22–0.67 ± 0.100.24–0.74
Singing w/out movements0.29 ± 0.03–0.690.62 ± 0.10–0.41 ± 0.170.49–0.87
  • Neurons are categorized by whether RS during singing that included head movements was greater than (left), equal to (middle), or lower than (right) RS during singing that lacked head movements. Responses are significantly different from quiescence unless otherwise noted (*). Blue lines in Fig. 5C, left, depict head movement responses.

  • * 3/7 neurons were significantly excited during singing periods that contained head movements but not during singing periods that lacked head movements.