Table 1

Proportions of onset and offset responses across all neurons for different movement types

Peck-onset responses(±100 ms from peck onset)Hop-onset responses(±100 ms from hop onset)Preening-onset responses(±100 ms from preeningonset)
Response basedon averagefiring rateExcited(7)Suppressed(4)Excited(4)Suppressed(1)Excited(3)Suppressed(1)
Excited0.05 (5/107)0.04 (4/107)0.01 (1/119)00.03 (3/93)0.01 (1/93)
Not significant0.02 (2/107)00.02 (2/119)000
Suppressed000.01 (1/119)0.01 (1/119)00
Peck-offset responses(±100 ms from peck offset)Preening-offset responses(±100 ms from preeningoffset)
Response basedon averagefiring rateExcited(4)Suppressed(2)Excited(3)Suppressed(0)
Excited0.04 (4/107)0.01 (1/107)0.01 (1/93)0
Not significant000.01 (1/93)0
Suppressed00.01 (1/107)0.01 (1/93)0
  • Onset responses (top) and offset responses (bottom) are shown separately (total n = 29 responses), categorized based on whether average firing rate during the movement showed significant excitation (excited), suppression (suppressed), or no response (not significant).